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Commercial Cleaning Service: Weekly - Biweekly - Monthly


 Empty wastebaskets.

 Dust all furniture including desks, chairs, tables.
 Dust all exposed filing cabinets, bookcases and shelves.
 Clean all telephones.
 Clean and sanitize drinking fountains.
 Low dust all horizontal surfaces including sills, ledges, moldings &   high dust all shelves molding and ledges.
 Dust all shelves, picture frames, dusts, radiators, etc.
Clean all interior glass including front door, partition, and any  windows.
Vacuum & mop all hard floors and vacuum all carpeted floors        Dust blinds.
Remove dust and cobwebs from ceiling area.
Vacuum furniture.

Clean, sanitize and polish all vitreous fixtures including toilet bowls,
urinals, hand basins.

Clean all glass and mirrors.
Empty all containers and disposals, insert liners as required, spot clean and sanitize container.
Spot clean all walls, doors and partitions.
Empty and sanitize interior of sanitary container.
Refill all dispensers to normal limits. Supplies to be furnished by client.
Low dust all horizontal surfaces below 36" including sills, moldings, edges, shelves & high dust frames, ducts, heating outlets.
Sweep, damp mop, and sanitize hard floor.
Damp clean and sanitize table tops, seats, back of chairs and legs of chairs.
Clean, polish and refill napkin holders.
Empty all containers and disposals. Spot clean exterior and interior of all containers.
Clean and sanitize drinking fountain.
Spot clean doors, frames, light switches, kick and push plates, handles, walls, and interior glass.
Low dust (below 36") and high dust (above 72") all horizontal surfaces.
Clean entire interior glass in partitions and doors.

Residential Cleaning Service: Weekly - Biweekly - Monthly


Clean inside and outside of microwave
Clean the hood above the stove and the top, front of stove including the burners.
Wipe top (if we can get to it) refrigerator and the sides    
Wipe all other appliances -coffee pots, bread machines etc.
Wipe outside of cabinets
Clean counter tops, knick knacks and sink including faucets.
Clean floors

Wipe Window sills and baseboards
Dust all blinds
Remove cobwebs and trash


Clean showers, tubs, sinks, faucets, and counters
Toilets scrubbed top to bottom, front to back.
Wipe baseboards.
Clean mirrors.
Remove cobwebs and trash
Straighten towels
Dust blinds and fans
Floors cleaned


Dust or wipe ceiling fans, blinds, and baseboards.
Dust any furniture including TV and knick knacks
If sheets are left change bed. If not just make it.
Vacuum or sweep floors
Wipe window sills
Remove cobwebs and trash


Dust all furniture
Straighten cushions and vacuum couches & chairs if needed.
High dusting , shelves, armoires, and valances
Dust blinds , ceiling fans , baseboards , knick-knacks
Wipe or dust door frames and knobs
Dust light fixtures , switch plates
Vacuum , sweep and or mop floors
Wipe window sills
Remove cobwebs and trash


For an additional fee we can also clean windows, inside refrigerators, and inside ovens


 The Woodlands: 281-363-4144

         Conroe: 936-273-4800 

25222 Richards Rd  Spring, Tx 77386                                         

Amazing Maid Services, LLC BBB Business Review